The unique NGU NottsBase system offers a more consistent performance than aggregate-based pitches. It also provides a narrower range of playing characteristics in relation to bounce and pace, making it an ideal pitch for encouraging player confidence during coaching or matches.

Because the NGU NottsBase system uses synthetic rather than natural performance control layers below the surface, less maintenance is needed during the life of the pitch.


The NGU Envelope System incorporates a low-maintenance base system designed to imitate the best playing characteristics of a well-maintained natural turf pitch.

A specialised cricket aggregate is encapsulated in a porous film to guard against contamination, maintaining its performance throughout its life. The system is fully porous and, therefore, gives a changeable performance similar to a natural cricket square and reacts to climatic conditions accordingly. This grants you the option of self-managing performance through rolling and watering the surface to customise the pitch to a specific requirement.